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Defining the "Best" Way to Navigate Digital Spaces

Navigation is Exploration

People seek all sorts of information. They seek to find that information and then to navigate toward it. Sometimes it’s exploratory seeking, with no specific end goal. Sometimes it’s direct—to verify something or to buy a specific product. Sometimes it’s to reencounter a place they once were. A person is not static and so their goals change with context and need. As goals change, so, too, should the navigation tools employed.


The “Above the Fold Myth”

Not All Clicks: Why Scrolling Might Be Your Website’s Best Bet

Choosing which action to employ is not a simple task. The click vs. scroll decision will create a lot of implications for where your content lives, and the narrative you’re trying to tell. We’re here to help you understand what it really means when you choose a click over a scroll. Which is better? Which is more engaging? Let’s begin.


The Origins of the Controversial Pop-Up Ad

In (Mild) Defense of the Pop-up

Whether one refers to the box as a pop-up, hover ad, modal, lightbox, popover, or an interstitial, the many named, often-square shaped overlay is a surviving vestigial tail of the early internet.


Heterarchies over Hierarchies, Spiderwebs over Trees

Object-Oriented UX, Part 1

In the physical world, we expect systems. Systems that create standards which help ameliorate confusion and lay out simple processes for people to follow. Systems that breed familiarity. Systems that establish relationships between things. Not just hierarchical, linear, parent-child relationships, but heterarchical, associative ones.


How you can put an object-oriented system into practice on your next project

Object-Oriented UX, Part 2

Let’s break down the steps in OOUXing. (Uh-oh, did we just turn an acronym made of nouns into a verb? For shame.) The articles outlines a broad summary of steps and smaller, tactical actions to be taken within each step.


Creativity Within Confines is a Good Thing

Breaking Through the Limits of Brand Style Guides

Just about every designer’s dealt with a brand style guide, an authoritative document that dictates how a brand should look, speak, and generally exist in all mediums.

Design Agency Glossary.jpg

Jargon-free Definitions of Common Agency Terms

Design Agency Glossary, Part 1

Do you know the ABCs of your RFPs and EPSs? Digital agencies, freelancers, and those in creative industries use all sorts of nomenclature that can leave new designers—and anyone who’s brand-new to a design agency setting—feeling totally lost.


It’s a Beautiful Day in the (Brooklyn) Neighborhood

On the Grid: Cobble Hill & Boerum Hill

This semi-suburban oasis is popular with young families and filled with mom-and-pop shops: a “more grown-up” part of the Brooklyn borough. That’s not to say it has no edge; amongst the cheesemongers and competing Italian bakeries are plenty of stylish shops, trendy bars, and restaurants lauded by true foodies. Well-maintained brownstones and carriage houses date back to the 1800’s and offer an instant time warp into tree-lined, classic New York.