Street harassment is a threat that most women face on a regular basis, yet the problem is rarely taken seriously. Women are expected to "suck-it-up," "ignore it," or take the thinly veiled microaggressions or hypersexualized comments as compliments. This is outrageous. Hollaback! is an organization fostering a movement  to end street harassment around the world.  They envision a world where we all enjoy equal access to public spaces. The explosion of mobile technology has gave Hollaback! an unprecedented opportunity to end street harassment in real-time. The app's purpose is to ignite public conversations and awareness. 

Working with the Hollaback! team, we uncovered the differentiator: honesty. Authentic stories exuding transparency, anger and vulnerability are universal. Stories can change the world – and we can end street harassment by using the Hollaback! app to help provide proof that street harassment is a serious problem warranting a serious response from policymakers. In the app, we ask users to share their stories (anonymously or publicly), and we invite others to click that they've got your back! By fostering a network of community, and by reporting where incidents happen most often, we hope to ensure equal access to public spaces. 

To HOLLA ON THE GO, download the free iPhone and Droid apps. Both apps are available world-wide and in nine different languages. In addition to the story-sharing option, the app includes a Map, where you see incidents of harassment mapped in pink dots, and incidents of bystander intervention mapped in green dots. You also find a resources section, where you can learn more about how to respond to harassment and be a better bystander.  

Strategy Services Rendered:

  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Moderated Focus Groups
  • User Flows
  • Wireframe Consultation
  • Copywriting